Words by Elijah VanDine + Brice Wiseman

Photos by Elijah VanDine


Twiceyoung, hailing from Philly, are on the edge of a big moment in their career. With the upcoming release of their 3rd EP and two successful EPs behind them, there is nowhere to go but up. After the success of their hit “Slow Down” and their sophomore album Prefer You, the duo has weaved their way into the Indie Pop genre in a strong and distinctive way. With the release of their new single, and title track of the upcoming EP Uneven Kind, their presence is only becoming stronger. Receiving praise from the likes of Entertainment Weekly, and Nylon, they have been described as a study in contrasts, combining lush electronic underpinnings beneath delicate acoustics and breathy vocals to create illustrious dreamy vibes.

Lyrically, members Tyler Laspopoulos and Ethan Kattau, wear their heartstrings loosely. Whether your initial connection is to the lyrics or the music, you are certain to be swept up. With a flagrant nod to their emphatic punk influences, the two-piece combine hopeful and heartfelt lyrics with electronica stylings of contemporary pop artists to create an honest and unique sound all of their own.

We recently caught up with Ethan and Tyler to dive deeper into their creative process in creating and recording Uneven Kind, as well as what the band has coming in the future.

The lead single is as exuberant as it is calm and subtle. What made you guys choose Uneven Kind as the lead single for the EP?

It's rare that a single song can check all the boxes. We haven't released new music in quite some time and there was a lot to say. Uneven Kind captured a lot of our ideas both sonically and lyrically. 

 Being the title track for the record, what was it that led you guys to using that name for the EP?

We actually debated it for a long time. We’ve never had a title track before, and we typically avoid going in that direction. After a lot of thought we came to recognize "Uneven Kind" as more than the sonic influencer for the EP, but it also become the model for lyrical tone.


Did you go into creating the EP with a concept or did it happen organically?

 We never start a new song with the intention of writing about anything in particular. Same goes for the record as a whole. You really learn what the songs are about after they're finished. Somewhere in the back of your head there's intention when writing, but it's very subconscious and it shouldn't be forced out into the open.

How has the approach changed, if at all, from writing your EP and recording it?

I don't think it'll change too much, honestly. Our songs are a series of accidental discoveries. We definitely have inspirations and goals for each record, but we never force that. We follow inspiration in the moment until the right sounds or words click. 

 With Uneven Kind being released, and a music video for the track on the way, what’s next for Twiceyoung?

We're very excited to tour this fall. Hitting the road and staying on the road as much as possible. First run is September 15th-24th. Beyond that, we're writing as much as possible in the hopes of releasing new music in 2018.


Twiceyoung has a new release, Uneven Kind, debuting on October 20th and have recently released the wistful and powerful title track as their first single that you can now listen to below. For tour dates, merch, and more music check their website and socials.



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