Sofi Tukker 


Photos + Interview by Morgan Winston


We had the chance to chat with New York based Sofi Tukker ahead of their show in Madison, WI on 11.10.17. The duo has had a whirlwind since the release of their EP Soft Animals, garnering praise for their unique sound across the world. Their recent tour supporting ODESZA has seem them spreading their feel-good dance vibes across the states. Check out the interview below and stay tuned for the show gallery! 



 For people who haven’t heard your take on electropop/house/dance music how would you describe it? I hate to put a genre on your sound because it’s so unique.


It's so hard for us to describe, we try not to! It's a mix of our influences. We like to just describe it as the point in which our two musical minds meet!

I feel like in our current world Sofi Tukker music is what we all need. Why do you guys like performing and creating your music? Do you think about the effect it’s having on listeners when you create it?


That's so nice of you to say! It certainly makes us really happy. We absolutely love performing and creating because it makes us feel connected to people. It makes us feel alive, joyful, expressive, and like ourselves. We hope that feeling is contagious! We love sharing energy with people and creating spaces where people can be there weird authentic selves!

When you first started Sofi Tukker what were your goals for the project? How have those evolved?

At first, our goals were just to figure out who we were and hope that we could make a living off of making music. As we have grown more stable both in our sound and our selves and our financial life, it has opened us up to thinking way beyond ourselves, into the experience we hope to create for others! 

I think everyone is wondering when you guys are going to release something more extended after the success of Soft Animals. Is something in the works?




What’s it been like to have your song ‘Best Friend’ used in an advertisement for something as big as the iPhone X? Do you think that it’s helped to create a special buzz you couldn’t have made on your own?


Definitely! We can't go anywhere without hearing it by accident! It's awesome. We are really grateful to Apple. 

How has your creative process changed since the release of Soft Animals?


It's definitely gotten quicker. We know what we like and what we don't like. We know how to communicate it and how to move on from bad ideas. We are probably also more confident and so take some more risks in exploring the range of our sound!

 I absolutely love your remixes, specifically of ‘Alaska’ and ‘Dark Days’. What is it like working with different artists and putting your own creative spin on their music?


It's really fun! It stretches our creative minds in ways we wouldn't do alone. 

 I’ve seen some fun stage setups and antics from you guys, how much of a role do visuals play in your live shows?

Visuals are a huge part of our live show. We try to physically embody the song and really try to make it a full sensory experience as much as possible. We want to create an alternate world for us and for everyone to get lost in and be totally emerged and joyful in!

 What’s your favorite part about touring with ODESZA?


They are truly the nicest people. We also just love getting to watch the show every night! It's a totally immersive spectacle! 

Finally, all of Madison, WI is anxiously waiting for this show, even calling it the can’t-miss concert of 2017. What’s it been like getting this kind of reception on this tour? Did you ever think you’d be playing a show in Wisconsin?


That's so cool to hear! We had no idea where we would play any show and we've never been to Wisconsin before, so we are really excited!!


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