New Single + Tour Dates


words by Sara Salamat

Get ready for your new bedroom music obsession. Meet Jesse and Matt, who when together, are the New York City based duo: Prelow. 

Their story is almost one pulled straight out of a movie. The two guys were both going to school in NYC and were introduced through a mutual friend at a party. Before they knew it, they two have made a name for themselves online with nearly 300,000 monthly Spotify streams; and 20 million streams overall. 

And they don’t even have an album out yet.

The Atlantic Records recording duo Prelow is ready to make a splash in the music industry. They have had writing sessions with some well known names including pop singer Phoebe Ryan on their previous single, "Goes To Shit” back in 2017. Prelow has entered 2018 with their new single “Good People Do Bad Things” which dropped today.



When asked on what inspired this new record, Jesse, the lyricist on this track explained that “In NYC there’s a lot of temptation everywhere. Everything’s so accessible.” the musician pointed out, “When I wrote the lyrics, I was thinking about the ways different people handle that temptation.”  The two boys compliment each other very well seeing as as while Jesse was the lyricist behind this record, Matt was more on the music production side. “We built a beat around a chord progression and then used those lyrics that Jesse had already written.”

When asked about an album release year, “Definitely.” Jesse revealed to Honey Punch, seeing as they are hitting the studio with producer Anthony Kilhoffer (Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott) and plan to release more music throughout the year. “I’d like to tour outside of the United States as well.” The singer added.

While it’s not outside the United States, these boys are hitting the road across the nation with LOSTBOYCROW and DYSN on the Spin The Globe Part Two Tour which kicks off on March 18th in Sante Fe, New Mexico. 


Tickets for the Spin The Globe Part Two go on sale at 10am local time. You can purchase them here. (


Find Good People Do Bad Things out on all major streaming services + listen below.

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Photos courtesy of Atlantic Records.