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October 16th 2018

Interview + Photos by alex lyon


Joey Beretta and Jonathan Capeci are cousins who go by the name of Nightly. We got the chance to talk with them after their set opening up for NF on the Perception Tour in New York City. We chatted about their creative process, their proudest moment, and their upcoming headline tour. Check out the interview below! 

So you guys were here with NF earlier this year, now you’re out with him again - what’s the biggest difference between that leg of tour and this leg? 

JC: We’re a little more used to how it runs now, and it’s slightly bigger rooms [this leg]. It’s been great, both were enjoyable experiences. Last time was little more chaotic and this time again, we just kinda have it down a bit more as far as set up and all that stuff. They’ve both been great though.

Can you guys share a little bit about your creative process in the studio? 

JC: Yeah sure. We usually write pretty frequently, whether it’s at home or on the road. This tour we haven’t gotten to write too much yet but we’ll just get together and I’ll either call Joe and say I have an idea and I’ll try to make a little voice memo of it or something and then we’ll just get together and flesh it out on guitar or on piano and vocals. But really it’s pretty simple it’s just that, you know, usually trying to come up some kind of an idea and then we’ll make it into a song. And then we’ll bring Nick in to play drums and things like that, that’s kinda the way it goes.

HP: Do you normally start with a melody or a track?

JC: We usually start with either a lyric idea or a melody idea. Sometimes we’ll just make a guitar and drums track but it usually works out better when we have a lyric or something to go off of.

How has the Nashville music scene influenced you guys? 

JB: A ton. It’s changed a lot since we’ve been there but it’s just like, there’s so much talent in that city that it drives you to be better at what you’re doing. It’s just so many amazing musicians and writers out there that it’s just helped cultivate where we are right now. 

Do you have a highlight that sticks out to you in your career so far that was a really proud moment?

JB: We moved out of our mom’s basement a couple years ago.

JC: That was nice, that was nice.

JB: That was a good one.

JC: Maybe the UK.

JB: The UK was amazing yeah, that’s a good one.
JC: We played over there, that was fun. We played a sold out hometown show in Nashville, sold out in advance, which was cool.

If you could pick one song of yours for someone who hasn’t heard Nightly before to listen to for the first time, what would it be? 

JB: That’s a good question!

JC: Probably our cover of Smash Mouth.

JB: Yeah right! 

JC: No I’m just kidding. I don’t know, maybe “Holding On” 

JB: Yeah, “Holding On” is a good one.

JC: Maybe “Miss You Like Hell” but I don’t know, I think “Holding On” is a good middle ground ya know? 

HP: For sure, that’s one of my favorites actually!

JC: Awesome!

So you’ve been releasing a lot of singles, when are you going to put out a larger body of work?

JC: We’re almost finished with EP 2. So we have one more song that’ll come out and that’ll be the end of EP 2. And then we have about like, I don’t know, five to ten new songs already done so maybe it’ll be album time, maybe EP 3, I don’t know.

JB: You know as much as we do at this point. We’re just making the music.

JC: We’ll just figure out how to put it out later.

Is there anything else you want to add about the future of Nightly, or a note to the fans? 

JC: We’re gonna do a headlining tour which is pretty exciting for us cause we haven’t really done a proper full headline tour, we’ve done a few spot dates. We’re gonna do that early 2019.

Find live photos from the show here.

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