8.19.2017 | The Mothlight | Asheville, NC

words by Stephanie estrada

photo by Stephanie Estrada

photo by Stephanie Estrada

Molly Burch is an indie pop rock singer from Los Angeles, but went to school in Asheville, North Carolina to pursue music. Back in 2013, Molly Burch moved to Austin, Texas to continue her music career and debuted her album Please Be Mine this year- which she recorded most of in a single day at a studio back in Dripping Springs, Texas. Her music will make you feel nostalgic and remind you that breaking up isn't easy.   

Read below and get to know her a little better!

You used to live in North Carolina before, right?

Molly: Yes! I went to college here and I moved to Austin back in 2013.

How does it feel to be performing backing Asheville?

Molly: It feels casual and it’s nice to be around friends and family.

You have been touring with Lucy Dacus, how is that experience?

Molly: We have been touring with Lucy for a week or so. It’s been awesome, I wish it was longer. I think we just get along with the band so well and I love their music.  She’s super inspiring and I wish I could go on with the tour.

What has helped shape your love for music? Have you always been around music?

Molly: Yeah, well, I didn’t grow up around music. My parents are both in the movie business. So I really didn’t grow up listening to music, but at a certain young age I realized I liked to sing and I knew I wanted to pursue it. It made me happy so I studied a lot of female vocalists in general. Yeah, I ended going to college right here in Asheville.

Has there been a bump in the road as a musician or with the music industry that you have experienced?

Molly: Umm probably not yet! I don’t know. I started out late. I went to college and that’s when I started my first band. But it really took me a really long time to get there and I don’t know I was a little insecure. I moved to Austin and recorded the album there two years ago. I kind of got signed very quickly.  I’m just starting to get to know the music industry. It’s all very new to me.

“Fool” is one of my favorite song from the album! How was the writing process for that song?

Molly: Oh, thank you so much! That one I’m pretty sure I used my Ukulele before I really played guitar. Growing up for me I wasn’t really interested in learning instruments or focused on my voice. So I really picked up the guitar just as a necessity when I started to play in Austin because I didn’t want to find someone to play rhythm guitar. So I thought Oh okay! I guess I can do this! But I already knew how to play the Ukulele it’s very easy. I remember writing Fool on that. I wrote that one a really long time ago and I wanted to write something more deep because at the time I was only writing slow ballots. Plus, thinking about my ex-boyfriend.

Yes! Thank you for writing break up songs. What are some of your music inspirations?

Molly: Growing up I was inspired by jazz, country music, pop music, and R&B. I was really obsessed with Lauren Hill’s music growing up. I just loved the idea of pop music like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and I loved classic styles too like Nina Simone and Patsy Cline. Now, I feel musically inspired by those people.

Who are you currently listening to?
Molly: Big Thief I really love them. Whitney! We were just playing it right now at the venue. Natalie Prass and Bedouine. Do you know her?

Uhmm no!

Molly: She just came out with her record. I’m also listening to Lucy Dacus and Julia Jacklin. I just discovered her music, I really like her.

Has moving to Austin, TX influenced your music?

Molly: Well, when I moved there after college I kinda felt stuck, but I have been here in Asheville for four years. I just wanted a change and I honestly didn’t write that much music when I lived here. So I moved when I was about 22 and moving to Austin gave me this push to write music and that’s how I really started to write my music. The act of moving all by myself. having this scary change, and not having anyone to play with definitely inspired me to write a lot.

How did the band form?

Molly: I’ve been through different musicians. I met my guitarist in Asheville and dated for a while. I moved to Austin and we broke up, but we ended up getting back together and moved to Austin. So we just started the two of us and performed my songs as a duo. And the drummer we met through this mutual friend and Kitty was his roommate and she became my bassists. She’s the newest addition to the band and we tried different bassists to record the record, but we’ve been trying this formation.

If your music were to be in a movie what kind of genre would it be in?

Molly: Um probably rom com! This album for sure.

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