Photos by Ryan Smallhands (

Photos by Ryan Smallhands (

Words by Sara Salamat

If you’re lactose intolerant you can still have MILKK in your life, and you'll thank me for it.

Following the sound of The 1975, and LANY and COIN, MILKK is an up coming emo boy band consisting of John, Jack, and Pat, who actually started this band "as a joke”, said frontman Pat. “We just wanted to start a cool feel-good project…So, we just decided, hey, let's start something. And within two weeks of going public on social media, we already had people ready for music. It was truly strange and wild to both of us. We weren't drawing from previous fan bases or success.” Following the success of their single Pacific Kiss hitting a whopping 100,000+ streams on Spotify, the band followed up with their latest single Less Than 3. 


Just today, the indie-trio released their song Ice & Sugar today plan to continue releasing music throughout the semester. While an album is not on the table for now, (crowd boos), the good news is that Pat exclusively told Honey Punch “we will definitely be releasing at least one (a strong emphasis on "at least") EP this year, and soon. We will also be debuting our live show this spring, of which details will be released in the coming weeks” (crowd cheers). “We are also hoping to get out on the road this summer and beyond. April will mark our 1-year anniversary as a band, so we're hoping to show everything we've put together soon.” 




When talking about shows, I asked who they’d love to tour with one day. “I think it would be really fun to tour with someone with a passionate fan base. That way, we could prove ourselves to them and bring them into our base, as well. Pat explained. “But if I had a magic wand and I could just pick someone to tour with, it'd have to be my icon, Kanye West.” 

Before I signed off, I had a little fun with MILKK and asked for some rapid fire questions.

Recent movies you’ve seen?

John: Lady Bird. Loved it.

Jack: Star Wars.

Pat: The Cloverfield Paradox. Love that series.


Favorite superhero? 

John: Spider-Man.

Jack: Batman.

Pat: Does Mario count?


Be invisible for a day or fly for a day? 

John: Fly for a day.

Jack: Definitely fly.

Pat: Fly, for sure.

On a serious final note,  The band’s goal for MILKK are short and sweet. “We're taking MILKK as far and as big as it will go, in whatever capacity possible.” The following they have developed is loyal, and take it from me when I say that they are genuine guys. You won’t regret following their journey through music and maybe just maybe we’ll see them on tour with LANY or The 1975 one day or a headlining tour of their own.

You can listen to Ice & Sugar below, and follow the band on Twitter and Instagram.