interview by ava butera

The band behind the track “Broken” that seemed to have thrown alternative music stations and listeners for a loop, is one called lovelytheband. This band truly encapsulates what modern alternative rock music stands for and ultimately sounds like. However, their diversified sound and relatable subject matter makes them easy to listen to and their adaptability shows them as a band that anyone can easily fall in love with. We had the chance to catch up with lovelytheband at South Florida music festival, Sunfest, earlier this month. 

What have you been listening to lately? Favorite album of the year so far or one that you’re anticipating?

Mitchy: I’m obsessed with that new song from Khalid, Ty Dolla, and 6LACK.

Sam: We hear it all the time because he’s always playing it.

Jordan: New Leon Bridges, I love it

Sam: I like a good amount of the songs on the new Post Malone album. I like “Rich and Sad.”

Jordan: The new Neighbourhood album.

Sam: We love music. What am I excited for? Maybe new Drake, new Kendrick at some point?

Mitchy: New Drake always. I’m really interested to see this new Kanye

Jordan: Childish Gambino just came out with a new song, so that’s something.


Were there any artists in particular that made you want to pursue music, or inspire you to at least?

 Mitchy: Alkaline Trio; I grew up on punk rock. But also my mom would play a lot of Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. But stuff that really pushed me into it [music] was like New Found Glory and Blink-182.

Jordan: I grew up on classic rock like Led Zeppelin, you know like the guitar bands. Obviously Van Halen, all that good stuff. That’s what I grew up on and I’ve been pursuing it ever since I fell in love with it.

Sam: It wasn’t necessarily a particular artist or band but my dad does music for a living, so having that kind of role model is what really pushed me to do music at an early age. But then finding Linkin Park and Giant, I got into music more.


I’ve been keeping up with festival announcements, since I plan on attending a few this summer and I continuously keep seeing lovelytheband on every bill! How does it feel to be playing so many festivals this year? 

Mitchy: Awesome! We’re very fortunate

Jordan: It’s very exciting. We’re so stoked

Mitchy: We’re very lucky.

Sam: Some of these names are really weird to see with our band on the same bill. Especially Paul McCartney, I sent that to my dad immediately and was freaking out.

Mitchy: Arctic Monkeys.

Jordan: The Killers.


Do you feel that playing festivals are better than that of your own shows? Like at festivals you have the opportunity to gain a ton of fans.

Mitchy: I mean, headlining shows is awesome, because the energy is just crazy, but festivals are amazing because places like Lolla, Life Is Beautiful, and Hot 100 Fest are cool because a lot of our friends are playing and it’s a good place to catch up with everybody and have fun for the weekend.


Dream festival lineup?

Mitchy: Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Drake, 

Jordan: Can we do dead or alive? Can I throw MJ in there?

Ava: Yeah of course!

Sam: Now we’re doing dead or alive? Damn that just opens it up.

Mitchy: Hendrix

Sam: Oh my god, yes.

Mitchy: Odesza just because I saw them at Coachella and it blew my mind open; it was absurd. Post Malone, and I would love to see Biggie and Tupac


Did you expect “Broken” to blow up at fast as it did?

Mitchy: No! When we put it online, we were just like “I hope people like this!”


I see that you’re friends with many popular musicians such as All Time Low and 5 Seconds of Summer, and even co-wrote a song with 5SOS! That’s huge!! Do you ever bounce ideas off of each other with music for lovely?

Those 5SOS boys are some of my best friends in the world. I was really fortunate that they invited me to come work on a couple songs with them. Yeah but me and Ashton text all the time like “hey what do you think of this” or “I wrote this song the other day.” They’re homies so it’s great. Like life stuff too, they’re just friends!


How has the LA music scene impacted your sound and style as a band? 

Jordan: I mean, I think LA is just so eclectic of everything. You know what I mean?

Mitchy: I mean yeah it shaped us, we’re LA boys. I mean I’m not, but I say I am now. It has become home.


How do the music scenes in LA and Brooklyn compare, since you’ve had exposure to both? Which do you prefer?

Mitchy: You know what? LA. LA embraced this band like tenfold. Living in Brooklyn was awesome, don’t get me wrong living in New York City was a fucking dream. I wouldn’t take that time back for anything but playing in New York and trying to come up in that scene was a little bit more pretentious than LA was. LA is hard too, but when this band came out, LA welcomed us with open arms are it’s been really fun just watching the shows get bigger.


 Which celebrity were you the most starstruck to see, now that you’re living in LA?

Jordan: When we play Lollapalooza, if I get the chance to see Dua Lipa, I know that I will be very starstruck. I am a big fan of her, I love her.

Mitchy: I don’t really get starstruck a lot but I definitely met Lil Dicky, I was like “oh shit you’re Lil Dicky” and I love him. And also I met Clarence Clemmons before he passed away. That was kind of an oh shit moment for me and Stevie Van Zandt too.

Sam: I think you guys remember this but being at Halsey’s LA show at The Forum, I actually freaked out over The Chainsmokers’ photographer/videographer, Rory Kramer. I was like oh that dude’s there! That and other drummers.

Mitchy: That’s how it was for me when I met Danny Clinch


How do you as a band stay unique and true to yourselves in a scene that’s full of a bunch of small, up-and-coming bands?

Mitchy: We don’t pay attention to it. There’s room for everybody, you know? There’s people who get too caught up into what everyone else is doing. The only way you’re going to succeed is to push forward and keep your head down and focus on the prize. 


What can we expect in a year from you guys?

Mitchy: More music, more shows. Hopefully the shows are bigger and better. They will be better

Do you plan on releasing an album this year?

Mitchy: When it’s done! TBD!



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