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words by ava butera 

New and fresh female pop duo, Joyeur, are eager to share their self-produced and curated music with the world. The duo, comprised of Joelle Corey (singer/songwriter) and Anna Feller (producer/instrumentalist), pump out infectious melodies and unique lyrics. We had the chance to catch up with the ladies of Joyeur and learn more about their inspirations, music videos, and the process behind their upcoming EP, LIFEEATER, which is set to drop on October 5th, 2018.


1. I’m assuming that you both are the creative directors behind your videos and album art. Where do you seek inspiration for those?

Jo & Anna: It is always so important for us to find a way to be visually expressive without feeling contrived. We’re so attracted to bold colors and we think that’s often the starting point for us in drawing inspiration, whether it’s from 70’s and 80’s films or vintage Nike ads. No matter what we get our inspiration from, we gravitate toward a cute yet disturbing vibe. You know those exercises you did as a child where you had to decide “Which One Doesn’t Belong”? We like to play with that idea.

With the FAYC video, it was so fun to work with Hallie (the director) to create a visual world we wanted the song to live in. Being surrounded by such talented people, we really have the opportunity to make our ideas come to life.


2. I know you guys produce, write, and record all your music yourselves. Have you ever worked on a project where you didn’t have total control? Which do you prefer, since there’s obvious pros and cons to each.

Jo: Prior to existing as a duo, Anna and I collaborated with a few other musicians. In that process we realized that not having full control of each instrument and element caused us to compromise our vision. It really takes two in our case since we feed off each

 other so well. We just have this energy and chemistry that only happens when it’s the two of us in a room, so it’s naturally frustrating to try and dilute that.


3. Now kind of circling back to question #1, but where do you seek inspiration for the musicality and lyrics of your songs?

Anna: Because we live in LA, there are so many things happening all the time. We go out and expose ourselves to different experiences, which really sets the tone to what we will want to write each week. There isn’t really any one place that we go back to. For me,

 I could pass by a street drummer and hear a song branching off of that rhythm. Jo, on the other hand, could have a conversation with a stranger that sparks a concept. When we put that together, we have a sprout of a song that continues to grows.


4. What music do you usually listen to in the studio? Music from other artists!

Jo: We have an eclectic ear between the two of us, to say the least. We love Midnight Magic, Little Dragon, Beck, Lizzo, and N.E.R.D. We’ll even spin some Selena Gomez on a sunny day. We have no aversion to straight-up pop!


5. How long have you guys been sitting on the material from the EP that’s set to be released in the fall? How long did it take to create and perfect each song?

Jo+ Anna: Most of the material for LIFEEATER is actually brand new. “Fast As You Can” is the only song that wasn’t born in 2018. We had an entire EP created about a year ago and scrapped the whole thing. This is one of things we learned as artists in the process: “don’t polish a turd.” If it’s working, keep perfecting it. If it’s not, leave it and move on. 

Each song has its own needs. It depends. For example, “Pusher” took a few days for us really to nail the core of the song and production. On the other hand, “Daisies” and “Dance With Me” needed much more love and attention!


6. I’ve read that you guys are full supporters of females making an impact in the music industry. Do you have any advice for up-and-coming female artists or ones that want to start making music?

In music, like any other form of art, you have to be able to expose yourself in order to express yourself. So be confident, follow your intuition, form a community to support and be supported by. And mainly, work hard. Work harder than anyone you know.


Keep up with Joyeur and check out their music video for “Fast As You Can”

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