Goth Babe


Interview by Ava Butera

Recent Pacific Northwest transplant, Goth Babe, formerly known as Griff Washburn, is out to eventually take the alternative music genre by storm. Originally starting his music career in Nashville, he then moved to New York City shortly after, and then on to Los Angeles. Goth Babe has been exposed to a variety of people, place, thoughts, and ideas, all influencing his sound differently.

Now, he’s traveling up and down the West Coast and exploring everything the mountains and wildlife in that part of the country has to offer, all while continuously self-recording music and releasing it independently. Be sure to keep your eyes out for new music and upcoming shows from Goth Babe!

How do you feel moving from New York to the Pacific Northwest has impacted your sound, vibe, and life overall? I’ve been looking at your journey up and down the coast and it’s really admirable, I think you’ve inspired me to do the same after college!

I honestly love it. I moved to LA first from the move away from NYC. I just discovered this wonderland this summer while driving up here with my pup. The trees, people, and climbing keep me here.


When listening to “Wasted Time / Sunshine” and then some newer stuff from this year like “Sometimes” and “Pacific II” I’ve noticed quite a difference in sound, was that intentional? Are you slowly trying to evolve your sound into something more indie, as opposed to rock-influenced?

The switch of sound is just a timeline of my maturity since college. It's progressively gotten better (in my opinion:)). I've just made what I want every time I write music.

Do you ever miss the accessibility of living in/near Nashville, as you’ve started to receive some exposure with your music?

Nashville was great because the music scene was all easy to find, and fairly small. I do miss that! 

Who are some bands + musicians that you’ve gotten the most inspiration from. Or just some of your favorites?

I've gotten the most inspiration from artists I liked in high school like Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Youth Lagoon. These bands helped me start making something other than singer songwriter, coffee house tunes.

How and where do you record your music? Do you have a mini studio in your camper/van? If yes, what’s that process like? How’s it different from recording songs in your dorm like you were forced to before?

I record everything in my truck. I have 100 watts of solar power that lets me park wherever and start making. Generally I just mess around with ableton until I have a loop and then I start making the timeline of a song. 

As I was doing some research for this interview, I noticed that you haven’t played many live shows! How psyched are you for the show at Baby’s in January? I’ve never been to the venue myself, but it’s definitely iconic.

Very pumped for Baby's All Right! That place has been on my mind for quite some time. Excited to go to New York for "business" haha!

Going along on the same subject, why haven’t you played that many shows? Portland seems to have a pretty thriving music scene.

I've held off on shows because my two great friends from LA that play with me are fairly busy and I LOVE playing with them, we just all work together really well. I plan on hiring some guys up here as well the play a few runs but I'd miss the guys a lot!

Should we expect an album or new EP anytime soon? It’s been a little bit since ‘Pacific II”. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m quite eager for more!

YES! Big big big stuff is in the works with labels and I do have around an albums worth of songs. I'd say by spring next year!


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