words by Liz Watts | portraits by Emma Watts

Tulsa, OK // September 29, 2017

Currently on tour as support for LANY, we introduce to you Norway native, Dagny!

When the tour rolled through Tulsa, we were able to show Dagny around our favorite spot downtown and chat about her home, her music, and what it's like to be a female artist on the rise! One thing we can say is that she has the most kind and welcoming spirit. This gal's passion for music had her glowing, and her excitement and constant smiles were contagious. Did we mention she's also got killer style AND tunes? 

go turn on her newest single "Love You Like That" +

get to know her a bit.


So you started your music career doing more folk/singer-songwriter stuff and now you're killing it in the pop scene! What was the transition like into a whole new genre? Was it an overnight thing?

It almost was overnight! I was getting to the point where I realized sitting on a stage with an acoustic guitar isn’t for me. I’m quite energetic and bubbly and I like to be social and jump around and it felt very not like me. I still love that music and those kinda shows but it was more natural for me to go into something that felt more punchy and energetic. It was a good transition.


Earlier today you said that you came from a small town but never felt like you missed out on anything. What was it like moving into a bigger city like London?

I guess the only thing I may have missed out on was big shows. Growing up I was a massive fan of the spice girls and Back Street Boys and if they came to Norway they’d go to Oslo and not really northern Norway. But, I feel like I was exposed to a lot of music and got a lot of the same opportunities. When I moved to London, I remember it being quite tough for the first year because I went from a place where I knew everyone and where I was always busy. I didn’t know anyone in London and there was nobody waiting for me. I didn’t have to get up in the morning for anyone. It took some time to get used to and I had to learn to push myself and not just do what you’re told or expected.


What was it like when you signed a record label deal? Did you think you would ever be signing for pop music?

I was always one of those people that dreamt about big things and always been not really daring to believe in it. Signing was so exciting but mostly because I was pumped about the music and opportunities that came with it. It felt like it was a very good step to take and I was at the point where I was used to making things happen on my own, which is a good attitude to have, but now I have a team I adore and love and I see how exciting it is to work with people who are also excited. Being on a major label has been a positive experience for me.


Being a rising artist in the music industry, do you feel like you have to meet certain expectations being a female, especially in pop music?

I think sometimes if girls take a lot of space it is almost looked a bit down upon than if a man did. I know in this industry a lot of men are charismatic and loud and they’re very respected, but if a woman is like that, then sometimes I think they get much more shit for it. At the same time, I’m very surprised at how many strong and great women there are in the music industry that aren’t scared of letting people hear them. For me, there’s been more positive than negative. I believe that sexualization is something that you sometimes choose. It’s not like everyone who gets naked in pop music is forced to do that! Some people want to and I think that’s great if you want to play on or embrace your sexuality. It’s up to you! It becomes a problem when people start doing things they don’t want to do, or they’re pushed to not be as strong minded.


Are there any female artists that you’ve really looked up to?

There are a lot of Norweigian pop artists right now and they’re all confident in themselves and do their own thing and I admire that. They are coming out very strong and empowered.


What gets you in a creative mindset?

I’m most inspired and creative when I’ve just met someone I’m really intrigued by. I just get that lust for life and everything is so exciting! A lot of the time I draw inspiration, too, from the people I work with. When I go to the studio, a lot of songwriters and producers have a lot of good conversations and we spin ideas off of each other.

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