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This past weekend we had the chance to chat with Chappell Roan in Gainesville, FL before she opened for Declan McKenna! Check out the interview, live photos + premiere of Chappell's music video for "Bitter" below. 


intevriew + photos By: Stephanie Estrada

HP: First of all, thank you for doing the interview with Honey Punch. We love your music so much! 

Chappell: Oh, thank you for interviewing me.

HP:  How does living in Missouri influences your writing process? And do you prefer writing your music in L.A. –– or back home? 

Chappell: I write all my music in Missouri. I don’t really write that much in L.A. So when I’m home, I don’t have pressure on me. In L.A. I feel I have to meet a standard. It’s usually more relaxed writing at home and more genuine. 

HP: You recently toured with Vance Joy last fall and now here you’re touring with Declan! How is the tour going so far?  

Chappell: This tour is so fun! The Vance Joy tour was fun too, but this tour is totally a different vibe and very low-key. I’m mostly the kids age in the crowd and it’s really fun seeing a lot of younger kids. It has been a blast; every night it gets more fun. 

HP: We don’t get that many musicians in Florida, but when we do we appreciate it! Florida can be interesting sometimes. 

Chappell: I’ve never performed in Florida, or to these cities before! 

HP: Any thoughts about Florida so far? 

Chappell: The craziest crowds; so fun and loud! And that’s my favorite, when people get out of their little boxes and they’re jumping around; or screaming. I love that. So far Florida has been doing a great job. 

HP: What is it like to be a female in the music industry? 

Chappell: There’s its disadvantages, but I do feel that things are moving forward. People are being more open to women being the boss. Especially, me being young and knowing what I want it take some good time to people get used to it. I’ve rarely had any problems so far with it, it’s more like on tour. In certain venues where people are “oh, you’re nineteen and you don’t really know how to set up a microphone.” And I do know how to set up my own equipment, please let me do it by myself. I honestly believe people are moving forward. 

HP:  Last year, you released the song “Die Young,” what was the inspiration behind it? 

Chappell: When I wrote that, I was in a very different place. I was sixteen and I was having a hard time making friends and with my parents. That’s how it was about me not loving myself and figuring it out how to love myself. At the end realizing that self-love is the most important thing. That is all I want; is to love myself and to be loved back.

HP: What was the inspiration behind the music video “Good Hurt”? 

Chappell: Good Hurt is my favorite! The video was about having that toxic relationship and it’s like the spa where you go get treatments and it replicates that feeling of being hurt of that girlfriend or boyfriend gave you. It’s really dark.

HP: Any relationship advice? 

Chappell: Woah, relationship advice. Do not be with someone who makes you feel less than you deserve. 

HP: Do you have any advice for younger upcoming musicians? 

Chappell: The most important part is building up the relationship with the people who listen to your music. To do that, you’re going to have to post stuff and gain the following. Do that the right way! Don’t do that by being greedy, or saying “oh, this is what people would want, so I’m going to do that." No, do what you know it’s right. You can always be not embarrassed about it. Always be yourself and get out there and perform. People will want to see you live and they want to see you being yourself. 

Music Video Premiere: Bitter


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