Caroline Lazar

words by troy davis

Ahh, young love. It’s great in the moment; when it ends, it sucks.

Up-and-coming indie artist Caroline Lazar is no stranger to the highs and lows of teenage love, and has used her music hone-in on the passion and pain that only teen love can bring. I got the opportunity to talk with Caroline about her new single, “Trigger”, as well as talk about her musical influences and some other random stuff. Check it out!

What 5 song's would you say influenced your songwriting style?

There are definitely specific songs and artists that I listened to when I was young, or that are currently inspiring me, that I have a tendency to fall back on. My dad constantly played Nickel Creek when I was a kid, so Reasons Why is definitely a huge influence still. Currently, Phoebe Bridger’s Killer, Laura Marling’s I Was an Eagle, Alexandra Savior’s Mystery Girl, and Mitski’s Best American Girl are huge inspirations to me. There are different lyrical, form, and musical qualities in each that I try to incorporate into my own work. Those girls are all huge idols to me.

Who is your dream collaboration?

Oh jeez that might be the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. There are so many writers who fascinate me by their syntax, concepts, and voice. I guess if it were possible I’d probably pick Alex Turner. I think he is probably the best lyricist of our generation, and his melodies are an equal match. I would probably pass out from fan-girling though so that would be a problem.

"Trigger" is like the ultimate break up song. How would you describe the story / message of the song? Is it based on a specific time in your life or person?

I think the ultimate break up song pretty much sums up the story and message of the song as vaguely as I could. It was written out of a specific moment of agony I had never experienced from another person. The “Idaho boy” had gone home for a month and two weeks in, it was radio silence. I was falling apart internally from my own mental state, and he was the only person who could ever make me feel slightly better, or safe.

 What do you want people to take away from your music?

There isn’t a specific message that I expect people to take away from anything I write. One of my favorite parts about writing is that songs mean something totally different to everyone that hears them. The stories and emotions that created these songs often aren’t the same as what audiences take away, and I kind of love that. As long as people are connecting in some way, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

What can we expect next from you? Tours? An LP?

While I’m finishing up my last year of college I’m going to keep writing and recording music! I have a few little projects I’ll be releasing soon to along with the Nevermine EP. I actually just put out a little cover that I made with my producer after finishing up the EP of “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” I want the next thing I write to show how I’ve grown since Nevermine. My life is a lot less focused on boys and my relationships with other people, and more focused on my relationship with myself.

This or that: "Sweet Caroline" or North Carolina?

I’m going to throw back a rebuttal and say “Carolina” by Harry Styles, that song is incredible as is his entire debut!  Sweet Caroline gives me bad reminders of high school boys- a story for another time.

Make sure to check out Caroline's new single, "Trigger" + check out Caroline’s Inspiration Playlist here!