"Knew About Me"


December 5th, 2017

Swiss electro-pop duo HOMAZE today released their new single “Knew About Me,” available for streaming now on Spotify and Soundcloud. 

Lara and Dario – the male/female couple that make up Homaze – have been writing songs together since 2012, even before they started their current project. The two spent time as members of several other Switzerland-based bands & musical endeavors, but none as defining as Homaze. Currently students at Berklee College of Music, the two are deep in their musical evolution and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. “Knew About Me” exposes a dark and angry side of Homaze – a somewhat unfamiliar horizon for them.

“The song is about betrayal and being hurt by someone on a very personal level.,” explains Dario. “We’ve both been wronged by people in the past in such a way that letting it out in a song for once really allows us to explore new facets of our own creativity, turning negativity into something positive that maybe some people will be able to relate to."

Fans can expect more new music from Homaze in early 2018!

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