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"Bambi" + Tour Dates


words by ava butera

After a couple of silent months from Hippo Campus, the band dropped “Bambi”, an infectious tune unlike anything we’ve seen from the band previously. Since I pretty much played Landmark to death last year, I haven’t been spinning any Hippo Campus music in a while. Which resulted in a lack of upkeep with the band’s doings. Though, this is mainly due to the fact that I tend to have a short attention span and was paying attention to other bands pumping out new material.

As I saw my social media feeds flooding with praise of “Bambi,” I was still rather hesitant about listening to it. I loved their EPs and Landmark, but was not particularly looking for music similar to that, because all projects are seen as separate eras each possessing different qualities and aesthetics.

After much consideration, I deciding to simply check out the band’s new song and to my surprise was actually blown away with their creativity and ability to create a completely diversified sound — truly something I didn't see coming. “Bambi” posses an R&B vibe and employed a drum machine, which features unique and dancey sounds. Again, very unlike Hippo Campus. Yet, I feel like this particular sound encapsulates the band best.

I’m very eager to see what the band does on their second album, Bambi, that’s set to come out September 28th.


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