Vox Eagle

words by Troy Davis

Originally meeting as part of a touring band, Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel’s synergy as musicians is built from a mutual love for music and a love for traveling. After touring all across the country and pulling inspiration from places like the Rocky Mountains, the Mojave Desert, upstate New York, and the hills of Los Angeles, the duo are prepared to release their first work as a pair under the name Vox Eagle. In anticipation of their upcoming debut EP Summer Now (out May 26th), we’ve asked the band to share their own list of songs that inspired them.

So far, the pair have released two tracks in anticipation of their upcoming EP, each making obvious the influences they pull as a band, which you can find on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube. “No Sleep” is the kind of song you turn on while hanging by the pool and drinking in the middle of the day. It’s a mashup of sunshiney electric guitar lines and synths straight from a song by The Killers, a tune made for the endless summers of Las Vegas. “Come Over” is a song built for an 80’s runway show. It begs for you to dance around your living room like you’re in a New York nightclub, bassline thumping with strobes to match.

After talking with the band, it seems we can expect their EP to build on the same concepts. “Expect some melodic, beat driven, psychedelic pop,” said Hamel. “The whole record is pretty upbeat with lots of guitars and bass riffs, so it's the kind of record you can put on at a party to keep the mood up or put on and in the background and chill. We wanted to make an energetic record with lots of melody, harmonies, guitars but was still very groove heavy with electronic textures.”

watch the music video for "No Sleep" below.

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 listen to their new track "Come Over" on soundcloud and spotify. 

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