The Takers and Leavers

words by Stephanie Estrada

photo by Casey Deya

photo by Casey Deya

I have been listening to The Strokes non-stop for the past month (can’t stop won’t stop) and I wanted to find similar bands like them. I found out about The Takers and Leavers randomly on Spotify and I instantly fell in love with their music. I can’t seem to stop listening to their singles “Dog” and “Mars.” Their music reminds me of The Strokes, The Killers, and Artic Monkeys! The Takers and Leavers is a Miami, Florida based band formed back in November 2016. The band is made up of Alex Alston on lead vocals and guitar (witty dude), Cairo O’Toole on lead guitar and backup vocals (slays the guitar), Kevin Blackburn on drums (you need to see him play one day), and Garrett Craig on bass (damn skills).  I was able to see them perform twice and they always engage with the audience with funny jokes!

Listen to the playlist below (made up of songs that give you ALL the Takers and Leavers feels!) + stay updated with the band!

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