by Emma Watts


      I’ve only been listening to Ruby Haunt for about 2 weeks, but they’re quickly becoming one of my most listened to bands. I find myself skipping back and replaying tracks like 'Royal Moon' and ‘Strangers’ over and over, sometimes before they’re even finished. Ruby Haunt is an LA-based band formed in 2015, made up of Wyatt Ininns, who sings/writes lyrics, and Viktor Pakpour, who composes and produces the songs. Across their 2 EPs and 2 albums, the tunes they create dabble from style to style, including chamber pop, dance/electronic, and minimal pop, all while leaving it up to the listener to determine what’s going down. What I love so much about music is that the simplest of sounds put into an interesting pattern can effect your emotions and what you’re visualizing in your head. With these songs you can feel on top of the world, out of this world, or the smallest thing in the world. Sometimes all interchangeably in the time frame of 4 minutes. As I dug deeper into this style of sound (and kinda opened an addicting and never ending portal??), I was introduced to more of exactly what I was looking for, as well as rekindling my love for some old favorites. 


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I’ve put together a playlist of some Ruby Haunt's songs I’m loving + other artists I think flow well with ‘em.  (PS I don’t know WHAT the heck it is, but all of these sound 100x cooler at night. Be prepared to get sucked into a black hole.) 

About this photo: tiny moon in Pennsylvania by our dad in '75.

About this photo: tiny moon in Pennsylvania by our dad in '75.

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