EP Review:

“I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left” by Gianni Paci


Photos by Ryan Jay // Words by Nikita Satapathy


"I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left"

Gianni Paci’s name may sound unfamiliar, but he is no stranger to the music scene. Under the pseudonym “The Pine Hollows”, Paci has released two full-length albums, which put him on the map in the New York music scene. With his new EP, “I Tried to Right My Wrongs, But I Made a Left”, Paci delves into full scale production with producing, writing, recording, and playing all the instruments himself.

The EP opens with “It’s Always a Perfect Journey” sounds like the opening to an 80s high school film with its light and airy manner. Paci sings about learning to navigate in the unpredictable world and continue on when things are imperfect. Paci manages to become highly relatable to the average listener.

Paci seamlessly transitions into punk rock with “In the Middle of the Night”. He laments about a former lover and the difficulty of making amends. This songs brings up memories of the glam rock era and Paci makes good on his promise of being eclectic.

“If You Believe It’s Alright” and “Honest Thing” are polar opposites. While “If You Believe It’s Alright” is a funky ode to pushing away negativity, “Honest Thing” is a smooth ballad that tugs at the heart strings. Paci shows his versatility in the music industry with this EP and is sure to make an impact on the alternative airways in the near future. 


Listen to the new EP here: giannipaci.com 

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