Future Fathers

words by Nikita Satapathy

Trent Dabbs and Cason Cooley are veterans of the Nashville music scene. Now finally collaborating with each other, after years of singing and songwriting with other artists, Dabbs and Cooley have come together to launch Future Fathers, a project that promises an eclectic mix of soul and dream pop. Their debut single and video, “False Information”, grasps the listener and is a great introduction into the world that Future Fathers hopes to offer. 


What do you hope to communicate to your fans through your music?

We’d like to try to find a place for listeners to connect their body with their soul. 

What was the initial concept behind Future Fathers? How long have you two been collaborating for?

We’ve always been into artist/producer collaborations and we just wanted to explore our creative liberties together and put what we do individually to the side. We’ve been collaborating on other projects for many years, but have just focused on this project just over a year ago. 

Do you integrate your personal experiences into your music? How so?

No doubt. Your personal experiences are all you have, you have to write what you know or otherwise people won’t connect. A lot of these songs are about dying to your own ego and that’s something we both deal with everyday, being fathers and husbands and producers and songwriters, etc. 

What genres do you hope to experiment more with in the future?

No matter what direction we take our songs in the future, it will always be in the “dream pop” category, but if you want to be technical about the “genre” it would be electronic/alternative. 

Describe the thought process & concept for your first single and music video, “False Information."

The song is referring to our society being overmedicated, it is just a metaphor for anything you tell yourself to make you felt feel better or feel more in control even if it’s untrue. Using false information to make yourself happy. You see it with drugs, you see it with news, you see it with religion. It's like we're all addicted to this false peace. And now, our country is being led by someone whose leadership seems to be misinformation and confusion. This song exploits the lengths we will go to to make ourselves numb to avoid the truth. It’s like we are all floating through space and just grabbing onto whatever is close to hold us up for the time being, rather than being grounded and seeking what is true. That’s where the video visuals came from.