Dan Croll's Hotline for Mental Health Awareness


We are always so excited to support talented artists, but are absolutely over the moon when we see them use their platform to make this world better place- especially in times like these. One of our favorites, Dan Croll, has brought back his “Dial Dan” hotline- a place for fans to call or text Dan and discuss their fears, anxieties, personal struggles, and more. 

In an interview with Paste, Dan said that the idea for this hotline came after he “began posting about mental-health awareness and his experiences with anxiety and depression on social media.” After that, he created a number that could allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to call him. The only rule Croll enforces is that he can’t hang up.  “It started out as a bit of fun, and then you realize that actually there are a lot of people that just want to escape their jobs for even 10 minutes,” he said to Paste. “They want to talk about what their real passion is, or they want to vent frustration about exams and teachers and mom and dad. Basically, it was just a lot of teenagers who wanted to speak to someone else other than their teacher or their mom and dad. I think it’s really important to have that person.” 

During the first round of “Dial Dan,” Croll took 246 calls, and they ranged from one minute to nearly an hour. “I learned that a lot of my fans are young and they just want to talk to someone other than their parents or their teacher,” he said in a recent interview with New York Daily News, “and I felt a duty as an artist and someone they look up to be there for them.”

Now through August 25th, feel free to call up Dan at +1-424-261-2636 or simply spread the word.

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Dan's newest album, Emerging Adulthood, is out now!! 

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