A peek into the Norwegian producer's latest tour. 

tracks to check out: "UFO" + "Deep End"


In celebration of the LA show, I asked if anyone wanted to cut my hair in order to make look more like Shia Labeouf. My friend, Axident (fellow Norwegian producer) ended up doing the honor. I had my girlfriend on video call, and she started crying :’(


I’m very much into bath tubs, and D.C. delivered. Bath tubs fascinate me because the first minute is the best feeling in the world, but right after it’s not really all that great. You realize that you’re stuck in the dirty water, you get bummed out and start thinking about all your life decisions. It’s not a practical way of staying clean, and I understand why showers are a thing.

No bicycling (NYC)

This guy fucks and has no respect for any authority. He has no time for your sign-bullshit. He’s probably texting God. Washington Square Park needs tighter security.

POUTINE (Montreal)

My singer, Feli, insisted on having poutine for lunch in Montreal. We didn’t get the memo that you’re not supposed to eat it unless you’re shitfaced at 2am. It felt like my body was graced by the tender kiss of death himself. Never taking lunch tips from Feli again.

LEL (Montreal)

My childhood friend from Norway drove up from Vermont to come see the show, but passed out right after and we didn’t get the big night out we hoped for :( r.i.p.

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