Honey Punch Mag is now accepting contributions for these sections on our blog:


The Golden Oldies

Film Photos


Weekly Playlists

Essays: We want to keep all essays/stories relevant to music, so if you have a topic you’d like to write about and are unsure of, run it by us and we will lead you in the right direction!

Example topics:
Women in the music industry
Being a young fan
Attending concerts
Meeting friends through music/concerts
Stories of your parents/grandparents attending shows (feel free to add photos of them and/or ticket stubs, vinyl, etc!)
The evolution of music
Music’s role in American culture

The Golden Oldies: Is there an artist from back in the day that you think EVERYONE needs to know/love? Tell us about the band/artist, why they’re a ~golden oldie~ and which albums/songs of theirs are the best! Please make sure to add a few photos of the band/artist as well!

Film Photos: We want to see your film and instant photos! Send us up to 12 of your favorite pics and a couple songs that act as a “soundtrack” to your photo set.

Art: Fan art, cool graphic design, collages- send us your work + add a couple songs that helped inspire you as you worked on it.

Playlists: Send us 12-15 songs for our weekly playlist! Email these to with the subject line "Honey Punch Mag Playlist".

To submit your work (except playlists!) please email us at: with the subject line >> Contribution.

Add your name, IG/Twitter handles, a short bio, a portrait of yourself and attach your contribution in a word doc, google doc, or dropbox folder.

We will get back to you within one week if we decide to feature your piece and let you know when the piece will run.

Please DM us on Twitter or IG @honeypunchmag if you have any questions!

***NOTE: Please DO NOT ask us for any photo or press passes to upcoming shows. We have a team of photographers and writers that cover shows as needed and we are not accepting applications at this moment— you will know if we do again, promise!