Cherry Glazzerr: Stuffed and Ready

review by Kyra Bruce


Cherry Glazerr’s third album “Stuffed and Ready” was released on February 1, 2019 but it feels much more like a grunge album from the early nineties. The band has clearly matured from writing songs about grilled cheese to writing songs about loneliness, helplessness, and the current state of things in 2019.

Front person Clem Creevy shows impressive vocal chops on this record, from a beautiful falsetto in Pieces, to straight up wails in Stupid Fish. Clem delivers some incredibly cutting relatable lyrics all through this album. While listening to Self Explained you are dancing in your car and suddenly you hear “I separated from society today I don’t get close to anybody but my feelings” and you realize you are crying and still dancing. The album is very introspective and mature which makes it resonate with its audience of mostly 20-somethings experiencing the same feelings Clem is beautifully singing into a microphone.

The album isn’t just mature vocally and lyrically, the musical maturity of the album shines through as well.  Every riff and bridge on this album could be it’s own song. Catchy grungy guitar riffs seem to pour out of Clem, she is obviously a master of her instrument. She has a very Nirvana-esque way of writing simple but beautiful riffs that tie a song together perfectly. I am very impressed with the versatility of sound and even genre on this album. There is a real Sonic Youth/ Hole feel to its ability to mix sweet feel good songs like Juicy Socks and harder head banging songs like Wasted Nun.

Stuffed and Ready is yet another triumph for this incredible band. It’s mix of chatchy-messy-pop, punk, grunge, and garage ensure that there’s something for everyone. If you haven’t heard it yet, get up and listen to it right now. That’s an order.