Cavern Company: “Enough?”

review by Hunter Sanders


Rock, upbeat but direct. A deeper contemplation through a catchy melody and electric sound. This is Cavern Company’s new single, “Enough?” released October 15. Cavern Company is a local Oklahoman band, recording out of Tulsa for this perfect fall jam (not jam as in the fruity spread made by boiling fruit and sugar to a thick consistency, but honestly just as pleasurable to the senses). Similar in terms of production to the clean warmth of previous EPs and singles, Cavern Company boasts an original sound in “Enough?” that steps into new territory lyrically. Spacey, interesting layers and bridges double up and double back to create a narrative that’s incredibly relatable. Built for live shows, Cavern Company has created a tune that relates just as well aesthetically as it does emotionally to any audience. 
”Enough?” is ultimately triumphant, but not before calling out the stress of everyday life, “gets so loud, shut it out, bare boned out in the open.” I feel ya. Cavern Company knows. There there. The song, with its driving chorus and punchy rhythm, takes the time to both alleviate and take a hard look at those feelings of anxiety that plague so many. Right now, as you read this, raise your hand if you’ve felt anxious within the last ten minutes. Oh look, it’s all of you. “Enough?” raises exactly the questions we ask ourselves every day, the exact questions I’m asking myself right now. Am I doing enough, are my dreams fading away as I get caught in the daily grind? The aim of the song is self-reflective, taking the goals and dreams of the band and audience, as well as the failures, and tries to reconcile those into a hopeful anthem for the dreamer on the edge. 

What’s the Cavern Company’s prescription? Well, as it turns out, it’s almost meditative—“Breathe in and out, step forward light and carefree.” Take a break. Step back, reevaluate. All told, “Enough?” is medicine to the ears, but the driving message is just as healing. 

So, if you’re feeling the weight of midterms or whatever else life may be throwing at you, do it. Take a step back, and listen to “Enough?”

And to answer the question, “Enough?” No, in fact, not enough. Please, please give me more Cavern Company.