New Music Video: Breakup



Like an actual pomegranate, Breakup’s very new music video for their single, "Pomegranate," deserves to be consumed again and again, with careful attention and no small amount of pleasure. Its a colorful and glittering fever dream of nostalgia, full of intercut images of failure and resurrection, travesty and reversal. "Pomegranate" takes the viewer on trip of subverted expectations. We are presented with images that are quickly usurped, flipped, reversed, slowed, and overlaid. It is a wild wild dream.

But don’t watch without attention. A poem, an ode, to the rejection of old things and the affirmation of individuality, "Pomegranate" nods to older, MTV era videos, but builds and improves on the genre. Dreamy blues and reds move, sometimes forward and sometimes in reverse, across a neutral world that’s both enchanting and vague. Dancing in the dark, drowning, floating, spinning, cages, mirrored worlds, refraction, and strobe — "Pomegranate" is full of juicy images to savor far longer than its three minute and twelve second run time.

words by hunter sanders


See Breakup live!

Opolis, Norman // September 7

The Vanguard, Tulsa // September 11 // tix