Between Friends: “Better Friends”

photo by Isaac Sterling

photo by Isaac Sterling

"Their work is truthful, and their music gives way for one to feel uplifted no matter how far down they've fallen." - Galore 

"…perfecting the art to a T while still creating a signature sound.” – Flaunt

“[BETWEEN FRIENDS] create a barrier-free space for their sound and vision to flourish organically-without limitation or restraint." - Milk

Laptop dream pop project BETWEEN FRIENDS, featuring Savannah and Brandon Hudson and drummer Brennan Benko, have released their second single "better friends" today (via Better Sounds/Z Entertainment/Sony Music). PRESS HERE to stream the new track and check out Earmilk’s first look of the video, calling it “synth-heavy temporary love anthems for twenty-somethings looking to live a little.” Weaving together aspects of laid-back lo-fi home movies with glimpses of high-end imagination and style, the self-made video brilliantly showcases the artful creativity and free spirit that is the heartbeat of BETWEEN FRIENDS. Brandon expands, “our whole vibe is all about youth culture and experiences within that. Maybe desire is the premise, but we like to think of it as a love text to new friends listening.” 

Last week, BETWEEN FRIENDS partnered with Flaunt to release an acoustic rework of “iloveyou”. The acoustic version of their debut single swaps Brandon Hudson’s perfectly polished production and carefully calculated indie-pop hooks for the crests and swells of his sister Savannah Hudson’s infinite and unbounding voice.

Both self-directed and self-created videos represent what BETWEEN FRIENDS is at heart…a do-it-yourself project from top to bottom hell bent on avoiding any boundaries or veils, breaking the fourth wall of their little art collective where everyone is invited to join. With Brandon writing the lush melodies and spearheading production from their home studio while Savannah penned the bulk of the lyrics, the group have embraced the comfort and transparency in their relationship, letting it bloom into the electronically whimsy and spellbinding harmonies on we just need some time together, a series of singles that build into their debut playlist.

Brandon and Savannah formerly led the critically acclaimed five-piece The Heirs, which generated millions of streams, spurred multiple tours, and earned applause from NPR, Huffington Post, Billboard, Paste, Idolator, Magnet, Milk and more. Now at the helm of their new endeavor that is both intimate and inclusive, they invite everyone to join and share in their creation - it can be just between friends.

Watch the “Better Friends” video below:


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