Arlie: Barcelona Boots


words by reese gorman

Creative, unique, and goofy are just a few words you can use to describe Arlie’s music video for Barcelona Boots. The video addresses a problem all guys have faced, being showed up. In the video it starts out with three dudes attempting to lift weights, by my assumption to get bigger and impress the ladies, only to be showed up by this random dude who can lift way more than them. Obviously, since he’s stronger, all the girls flock towards him. So, these three dudes do what any guy in this situation would do, they build a space ship. 

Once they get to space they take videos of them lifting a lot of weight, as if the fact that they even made it to space wasn’t enough to impress the girls.  The cool thing about the video is that the goofiness of it doesn’t take away from the song. It more adds some comedic relief and honestly makes it more memorable. Since watching the video, every time I hear the song I picture them going to space. It was really well done, and the fact that it was goofy makes me appreciate the video even more. This video could’ve gone bad if done incorrectly but they did it really well to where it supported the song as opposed to taking the audience away from it. Throughout the rest of the video it doesn’t get any less goofy. From being sucked into a black hole to surfing in space it just keeps getting more and more out there. You can’t help but appreciate it though, you have to love the pure creativity that went into making this music video.


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