Wolf Alice: Visions of a Life

Words by Nikita Satapathy


(credits to photographer)

(credits to photographer)


In my humble opinion, Wolf Alice is one of Britain’s undiscovered gems. A mix of folk and indie rock, Wolf Alice has managed to stay relevant and navigate the unpredictable world of alternative and rock since their formation in 2010. 

Ellie Rowsell is a powerhouse in terms of vocals. While sounding angelic and inviting in “Heavenward”, the album’s opening track, she transitions easily to rebellious and grungy in “Yuk Foo”. 

As twenty-something musicians, Wolf Alice does a fantastic job of capturing the unconventional and exciting times of this decade. In “Don’t Delete the Kisses”, Rowsell ponders the act of love and self-doubt in pursuing a new crush. “Formidable Cool” illustrates the danger and allure of falling in love with a powerful and manipulative figure. “Sadboy” and “After the Zero Hour” are more forlorn and deal with hardship, but nonetheless beautiful.

Visions of a Life is a all-encompassing journey through the life of twenty-somethings. Wolf Alice manages to keep the listener entertained while providing a snapshot of the life that we experience every day. Capturing the themes of love, loss, and identity is no easy feat but Wolf Alice is more than capable of being our guide. 

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