Wallows: New EP Spring


Words by Nikita Satapathy

Though it took forever to spring to rear its head, the transition of the seasons from winter to spring is celebrated by the latest release by Wallows. Entitled “Spring”, this EP captures the unpredictability that comes with adulthood and uses it to piece together an unforgettable alternative rock gem. It features lead vocals from Braeden Lemasters and none other than Dylan Minnette, who portrayed Clay Jensen in the television series Thirteen Reasons Why.

“Ground” and “It’s Only Right” share the questions that come to us when we let go of a previous memory or a cherished relationship. With this uncertainty, the band makes use of its psychedelic sound to create a mix of regret and hopefulness. “Let the Sun In” takes the listener on a trip to the seashore with an interesting use of trumpets in its instrumentals. 

“These Days” explores the possibility of companionship with a complicated figure. “1980s Horror Film”, in the form of an acoustic ballad, recounts the nervousness of a first date that ends humorously. The EP ends with “Pictures of Girls”, a punk rock edition, that is simple but effectively sounds like a cross between the Smiths and Two Door Cinema Club. 

“Spring” lacks coherency with its variability in sound, but creates a memorable start for Wallows in the indie rock scene. By compiling this EP, Wallows is sure to grab new listeners from the start with their own take on the new landscape of rock. 


Listen to Spring below + keep up with the guys on Instagram + Twitter.