Post Animal:

When I Think Of You In A Castle


words by morgan winston

Chicago’s beloved psych rock outfit Post Animal released their debut full-length When I Think Of You In A Castle last Friday, April 20th. With an intense touring schedule throughout 2017, it’s an amazing feat for the five piece to have produced such a complex record.

The album opens with delicate acoustic tune “Everywhere All At Once”. The ambient rain sounds pair beautifully with haunting electronics as the song slowly builds to a flawless transition to “Gelatin Mode”. This moment is special because it is one way in which the band nods at their performances, where little transitions in between songs often replace stage banter. In all of its craziness, there’s also some peace in this song. The drop in intensity at the start of every chorus gives necessary pause and allows for the listener to take in the power that each verse has.


In a band with a three guitar set up, it can often seem like that’s where the only focus lies. This is not the case in this record. Wesley Toledo’s drumming holds its own throughout the album and is often featured, like the small solo at the end of “Tire Eyes”.


Each song on the record is wonderful in its own way and there is a lack of repetitiveness that makes it easy to listen to over and over again. One feature that builds from Post Animal’s earlier releases is its inclusion of smaller, intricate moments that almost act as hidden gems within the album. Things like the deep “thank you” before “Ralphie” or the small screams and moans that are sprinkled throughout the record show the band’s thoughtfulness and care when producing this set of songs.


The album continues into more of Post Animal’s psychedelic work in “Castle”. The atmosphere that they are able to make with just a few instruments is impressive. Marking the second half of the album, the slow fade at the end of “Castle” offers an excellent transition into the final five songs. “Special Moment” is actually quite a special moment for many longtime fans, as the song was the band’s first single in this new era of Post Animal releases.


Another highlight of the record is the vocal work in “One Thing”. The dreamier higher vocal range that the band is known for is on full display in this tune. It is beautifully paired with dripping guitar melodies and delicate drum work. When I Think Of You In A Castle finishes strong with more upbeat tune “Dirtpicker” and easy-listening “Susie”. Overall this album takes the listener on a journey through its aural dips and turns. As the band’s full length debut, it leaves little to be desired and creates a lot of faith for Post Animal’s future. The excellent production quality and complexity shows amazing growth from the band as they enter this new era in Post Animal sound.


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