Lo Moon:

Debut Album


words by amy mackenzie

Lo Moon are a three-piece band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Matt Lowell, Sam Stewart and Crisanta Baker. They graced the world with ‘Loveless’ in March, 2017. Since then, they have toured supporting MUNA and London Grammar, amongst others and will be embarking on their first headlining tour of North America, starting 5th March in San Diego.          

Their debut album perfectly encapsulates their feel of timelessness and pure musicality. The album tells the story of romantic relationships, creating the rise and fall of emotions within each song. 

Whilst each song has the ability to stand alone, each track fits together beautifully as an album, with each song merging into the next seamlessly. True lovers of this classically vintage sounding band will appreciate listening to the album on vinyl.  

The album begins with ‘This Is It’ which eases the listener into the album, with the instruments gradually building upon each other leading up to the chorus with Lowell’s clear vocals cascading over the top. This then leads into ‘Loveless’ flawlessly which has longevity, is sophisticated yet entrancing, with sweeping cinematic elegance that takes you on a journey. 

The album continues with ‘The Right Thing’ which has a more upbeat feel but remains as honest and raw as the previous tracks. This track allows for the lyrics and vocals to be at the forefront but still allows space for the instruments to add to the emotion created by the lyrics. This track blends into the next – ‘Thorns’ – which creates a swooping atmosphere where the vocals and instruments blend so fluidly together. 

‘TTMYMO’ brings us into a different feel within the album but remains authentic to Lo Moon’s sound. The building and releasing within this track creates a feeling of anticipation with the pre-chorus including a dream-like falsetto which you cannot help but be absorbed by. ‘My Money’ is an upbeat song which guides the listener through with a sweeping melody which gives an almost aching feeling through the ambience it creates. ‘Real Love’ follows as another upbeat track which creates a similar atmosphere to ‘My Money’ with the drive towards the chorus and then increased layering of instruments during the bridge. 

‘Camouflage’ gives the feel of a film soundtrack, with the familiarity and all-encompassing feeling that surrounds the track which starts to develop until the drums start. Beyond this, there is a great sense of musicality as the vocals become less significant and build to a point which is then drawn back by the piano and finishes the track so simply and effortlessly beautifully.  ‘Wonderful Life’ contrasts this feel with an up tempo 80’s inspired introduction. Having seen Lo Moon live three times in London, this was a song I clearly remembered and it created such a feeling amongst the audience and got everyone moving, even being unreleased at that point. 

The album concludes with ‘All In’ which details the rich sound that Lo Moon are able to maintain throughout every song. The distinctive voice glides smoothly into falsetto and creates such a pleasing sensation that leaves us wanting much more. 

Listening to this album is a totally immersive experience. The attention to detail in every song is impeccable with features that keep you invested as a listener right until the last note. It is a very impressive and accomplished album which gives audiences a clear view of what makes Lo Moon, Lo Moon. 


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