A publication for music and the culture it creates.

Honey Punch is our platform to be real about music and focus both on the people who make it and those who simply enjoy it. We’re here to get a little too excited when a new album comes out and not get embarrassed when we use a thousand exclamation points to describe it! We’re here to feature fellow fans and bands that we feel deserve more recognition than they get. We’re here to remind the world that the music industry isn’t just a boys' club. We’re here to share our passion and excitement for music and the culture it creates. 

Why We Do It

Honey Punch is the collaboration between two sisters, Liz and Emma Watts - based in Tulsa, OK.

We've spent a lot of our time together traveling to shows, waiting in line all day, and singing/dancing to the beat of our favorite music. For the past year, we’ve both been contributing to multiple music publications, learning more about the industry, and finding our strengths within it. The experiences we’ve shared have been so unique and exciting, and we want to keep that goin'! We are both ready for a new creative adventure and decided there was no better time to make that happen than now.


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